Armed Forces are evolving and need to be able to focus on their core activities while relying on dependable and flexible services from Industry. Military Customers also require more efficient logistics support with enhanced equipment availability, as well as cost effective solutions that satisfy defence budget constraints.

This coincides with:

the entry into service of new aircraft developed within European cooperation programmes, such as the Tiger and NH90 helicopters and the A400M military transport aicraft, which include new embedded technologies for equipment and systems,
multi-national programmes requiring support solutions to be extended to various Customers/End-Users,
the management of the end of life of fleets in service with a wider scope of support,
the evolution in France and other countries of sharing support activities between state Operators and Industry,
the increase of fleet deployment to theatres of operation, where equipment availability becomes mandatory.

Evolution in the market requires a new support policy from OEMs. In this context, OEM Defence Services can adapt its offer from basic repairs to equipment availability commitment.