Backed by an efficient industrial base of shareholders and associated partners, OEM Defence Services proposes a cooperative model that synergistically provides service-oriented activities.

The OEM Defence Services offer is focused on:

Securing continuous equipment availability by mastering the entire supply chain
Amassing and managing stocks precisely proportioned to need
Taking into consideration risk management at the appropriate level, along with simplified decision-making processes
Enhancing services by working synergistically, sharing resources and tools among OEM Defence Services partners
Optimising “off-aircraft” maintenance activities
liminating contractual adds-on without added value

Equipment availability : The OEM Defense Services offer is based on an 'Equipment Availability' concept that facilitates successful aircraft operations for national armed forces. The performance can be adapted to Customers/End-User requirements.

1 - Smart Desk : on site customer air base activities.

2 - Engineering : center of competencies where decisions related to support activities, repair, stock, etc... are made.

3 - Supply chain : Transport, Logistics, Stock management, Spares.

4 - Obsolescence management : monitoring and consolidating all information from partners.

5 - Risk management : avoiding accumulated risk covers and focusing on mitigating them at the appropriate level.

Repair center : Existing facilities provided by the partners.

End User
Equipment availability
Repair center